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Modern Art + Design presents: Olle Baertling

Olle Baertling


Bukowskis presents Olle Baertling at Modern Art + Design. Viewing the 12th to the 16th of May, Auction the 17th and 18th of May.

Like many other artists, Baertling encountered criticism in his time. For a long while in Sweden he was seen as “the constantly controversial banker who was trying to paint” despite the fact that, unlike many contemporary artists, his reputation extended far beyond the borders of his homeland during his lifetime.

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The banker who became an artist

Baertling’s painting developed step by step from figurative to non-figurative from the 1940s onwards. When borders opened up after the Second World War Baertling, like many others, travelled to France-the stamping ground for new art.

”Baertling preferred artificial shades of colour which did not conjure up associations with nature and considered black to be a magical colour; light, happy and beautiful.”

Léger often drew inspiration from nature, taking butterflies, flowers and aquatic plans for his subjects.

In “L'Étoile de mer”, the dominant forms are painted with strong, unmixed paint in red, blue and yellow, in some places bordered by sharp, black contours against a green and grey background.

Rather than simply depicting nature, Léger was interested in exploring the language of colour in its most extreme and purest form by reducing its vocabulary simply to colour and shape.